Something worrying is happening chez QS…

I’ve been measuring the temperature in my house for the last 150 days, and, having put the raw data through my computer and plotted the result on a graph, I can announce with a high degree of confidence that
my house is getting warmer!
(well, apart from the last ten days when it cooled a little tiny bit, but that’s probably just because I’ve been keeping the blinds closed more than usual; the trend is still upward. I’m almost certainly quite definite about the probability of that.)

Here is the data:

I’ve also compared recent figures with all the past records of my house’s temperature. (Now, I admit there’s a small problem there, because I only bought my thermometer 150 days ago, so to get figures from before that time I’ve had to rely on how fast my houseplants were growing (based on photos) and how often I needed to defrost my fridge. But I am extremely confident that this proxy data provides a reliable and consistent record going back thousands, if not millions, of days.). The scary thing is, when we plot the data on a graph, this is the result :
 (I’ve put the recent warming in bright red so you can see how amazingly and unprecedentedly HOT it’s getting)

I’m  just baffled. The proxies show no comparable cyclical warming in the past, so this January to June anomaly looks unprecedented. I’d really like to look into this some more. Luckily Penn State are funding me to get cores from an old Christmas tree in the attic. When I’ve put together the datasets I’ll get back to you.

Meantime please circulate these graphs widely  and with as little amplification or clarification as possible.

You know it makes sense.

2 Responses to “Something worrying is happening chez QS…”
  1. Morph says:

    I demand in the name of Saint Steve of McIntyre that you immediately place your data and code in a public archive so that others can reproduce these fantastic claims…

    • quidsapio says:

      As it happens I’m not sure where some of the raw data is right now…but it was definitely HONESTLY just what I said it was. Code….hmmm…what are you denying my house has warmed up? Are you some kind of House-Warming-Denier?

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