“All of them Witches…”

As I’ve said several times already, I’m not one of those who claim manmade global warming (AGW) is a fraud. I don’t claim it can’t happen. I think it’s wildly premature to draw any conclusions like that.  Maybe manmade CO2 is affecting the climate. Maybe it’s partly responsible for the warming. But it’s the insane anti-logical leap from possibility to certainty, and the even more anti-logical leap from that certainty to the conclusion the warming is going to be Big and Bad and  KILL PEOPLE that really sets my rational teeth on edge.

In the sane world – where some people do live at least some of the time, each of those conclusions requires separate analysis and separate confirmation. You need to look fist at the question “is it warming”? Then at the question “why?”, then ask “how warm is it likely to get?” and last  “will this be bad, good or nothing much?”.

But in the weird  demon-haunted world of climate absolutism   this kind of reasoning means you’re out to destroy mankind and planet earth. It means you bathe in crude oil and dream about pollution  and laugh at Fukushima and  just hate hate hate all the lovely pretty things in life like birds and ladybugs and little children playing happily in the sun.

We all know that toxic blog “How to Talk to a Skeptic” – well here’s how it is to talk to a Believer:

Believer: Oh my God!  The ice is melting – we’re all gonna die!

Doubter: Isn’t that a bit of an over-reaction?

Believer: Oh really? Never heard of – Climate Change?

Doubter: Well, yes, of course…

Believer: We’re changing the climate.

Doubter: Actually that’s not the same thing…

Believer: We’re pumping tons and tons of CO2 into the air and the climate’s getting warmer. Are you telling me that’s just a coincidence?

Doubter: Well it might be. The science is complicated. No one even knows if the extra CO2 in the atmosphere is all being produced by human activity yet. It might be coming from somewhere else, like the ocean. And before we decide an enhanced greenhouse effect is causing the warming there are other factors we need to do  eliminate that might also be causing it.

Believer: Oh really, like what?

Doubter: The end of the Little Ice Age, fluctuations in solar activity, oscillations in ocean currents – there’s a lot of factors.

Believer: What about the polar bears?

Doubter: Sorry?

Believer: If global warming isn’t happening…

Doubter: I didn’t say…

Believer: IF GLOBAL WARMING ISN”T HAPPENING  then why are the polar bears all dying?

Doubter: Actually I don’t think they are

Believer: Oh my God, you don’t even care about the polar bears dying! The polar bears are all gonna die and you don’t care.

Doubter: Look, there’s no evidence the polar bears are dying…

Believer:  We don’t have time for evidence! If we wait for evidence all the polar bears will be dead

Doubters: The polar bears aren’t dying, there are more fekking polar bears now than there were fifty years ago!

Believer: You would say that wouldn’t you!

Doubter: What?

Believer: Distracting the argument with quibbling over details

Doubter: What?

Believer: The children, think of the children!

Doubter: What children!?

Believer: They’re never gonna know what a polar bear is. 

Doubter:  I don’t even know what you’re talking about any more!!!!!!

Believer:  My God, you’re a Denier! You’re denying climate change! 

Doubter: No I’m not.

Believer:  More Denial!  You’re a Denier! You  think the world’s flat,  and smoking is good for you

Doubter: No I don’t.

Believer: See! See! You can’t stop denying. It’s an obsession.


Believer: Who’s paying you? Who’s paying you to be a Denier?….You should be in an asylum. You should be in jail. You should be made to confess your lies. You’re working for evil, you’re worse than Hitler,  you’re…you’re…

You’re a WITCH!

Yes, this is Salem circa 1692.  Sanity has gone  for one of its periodic naps.  The agenda is being driven by people who are so hysterical, so terrified, they can’t even begin to conceptualise how ridiculous  and dangerous they’ve become. They’ve entered that glassy, Sargasso Sea of the human psyche where  thought is stopped by conviction.  There they are, the latest in a long, snaking trail of mad men, lost in hubris, vainly asserting the newest, ultimate, tragically ridiculous and always finally defeated “truth, ” prepared to do almost anything to defend it.

Lord help us all.

5 Responses to ““All of them Witches…””
  1. RealSkeptic says:

    What is the correct response to people who insist on spreading misinformation? If an educator was a neo-Nazi in his spare time and ran powerpoint projects claiming the Nazi genocide has been ‘distorted and simplified’ would it be proper to let him continue in his position of influencing young minds?

    • Les Johnson says:

      So, you are saying that asking for empirical evidence is the same as being a neo-nazi.

      I believe that makes QS’s point very well, you dumb ass.

  2. foxgoose says:

    I’ve just come across your blog QS.

    Brilliant piece.

  3. Cary says:

    The answer to your question is yes he has a right to his ideas in a free country as well as a right of a teacher to influence young minds. He does not have the right to teach his pet ideas in class contrary to school policies.
    When I lived in Edmonton, many years ago, a teacher did teach his students his holocaust theories. Mr. Keegstra was fired from his position for doing so.
    However, I don’t see how your example has anything to do with the scientific debate about the nature of climate change. Both parties to the debate spread misinformation. That’s the nature of a free society. You have to work at finding the truth. Are you a truth seeker or a misinformation spreader?

  4. Dodgy Geezer says:

    If an educator was a neo-Nazi in his spare time and ran powerpoint projects claiming the Nazi genocide has been ‘distorted and simplified’ would it be proper to let him continue in his position of influencing young minds?

    I’m not too sure of the definition of a neo-nazi, but I don’t think I am one. However, I believe that the ‘nazi genocide has been distorted and simplified’, and I believe there is considerable evidence for this position. You appear to be saying that I should not communicate these beliefs to anyone? Or is it the use of Powerpoint that you find so objectionable?

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